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Below is a list of some of the granite styles we use in our work. Contact us to see even more options.

Acacia Green



Golden Sand

Kashmire White

Labradorite Blue Australe

Blue Luise



Carpe Diem

Juparana Guyana





Emerald Green

Orion Blue



Verde Ubatuba

Millenium Cream

Antique Fantasy

Lava Vecchia

Canadian Gold
** Please note that this is just a sample of the different stones we work with. For our full inventory, feel free to visit our Suppliers' websites: **


Is granite a good choice?
Granite is second only to diamond in its hardness as a stone, and can withstand any usual kitchen functions throughout the day. Granite is functional and extremely durable. These traits make granite ideal for all surface applications including counters, vanities, fireplaces etc.

How do I clean granite surfaces?
Granite counters should be cleaned with a neutral dish soap and warm water. Finish up with a quick buff from a dry cloth.

Is it necessary to apply a sealant to stone?
Sealing your natural stone is recommended once a year...but don't worry! Give us a call and we will provide you with an appropriate sealant. Just wipe it on with a small cloth, let it dry for five minutes, then buff with a dry cloth. It's that easy!

Can I set a hot pot on natural stone?
Granite will take up to 1500° before it starts separating crystals...feel free to place pans right out of the oven!

Can I cut on the stone?
You can cut on granite without harm to the stone, but you will ruin your good knives. The stone is harder than the stainless steel and will dull knives quickly.

Can bacteria grow on stone?
Bacteria will grow on any surface that is not cleaned on a regular basis. Wood butcher blocks and cutting boards anyone?